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Our training programs seek to provide our students with a firm foundation in the methods and techniques of Holzer AgroEcology.    Our goal is to expand the knowledge of interrelationships in nature, and gain insight into a variety of management options.


Practice and Learning in Nature | Holzer's training is practice oriented (hands on).  After explanation of necessary theoretical foundations, the curriculum will be as much as possible put into practice.  The majority of the classes will take place in nature.



Curriculum Includes


Waterhousehold | How to Regenerate the Water Holding Capacity of Earth


AgroForestry | Foundations of Forest Management and AgroForestry


Aquaculture | Ponds, Water Gardens, and Fish and Crayfish


Crops | Alternative Cropping Systems, Gardens, Fruits and Wild Fruits, Mushroom Cultivation


Animal Husbandry | Appropriate Care of Livestock


Landscaping | Terraces, Soil Reservoirs, Dry and Wet Biomes, Herb Spirals, Hugelkulturs, Krater Gardens, and Raised Beds.


Food and Nutrition | Preparing and Preserving your Harvest


Traditional Farming Techniques | Diverse Traditional Harvesting and Processing Techniques


Concept Development and Planning | Applying Concepts to a Variety of Landscapes

2014 Seminars with Sepp Holzer


May 4th - 9th | Malibu, California | 5 Day Intensive


May 10th - 15th | Sage Mountain Center, Montana | 5 Day Intensive


August 5th - August 16th | Austria | 12 Day Workshop

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